About PWAN Pro

PWAN PRO REALTORS AND ESTATES LIMITED is a subsidiary of PWAN Group Limited, based in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The name ‘PWAN’ is an acronym for ‘Property World African Network’ (PWAN).

We are a group of reliable real estate and property management companies that provides HOME ownership and INVESTMENT opportunities that cater to the needs of anyone desiring to invest in real estate. We are product specialists that work diligently and tirelessly in representing our client’s best interests. We provide tailor-made marketing services and dynamic opportunities in Real Estate industry. We always believe that there is nothing more important than owning a home at zero Cost. We have proven real estate experience when it comes to the business of selling or buying land and buildings.

PWAN PRO Realtors and Investment Limited is simply professional in real estate services with high standard of experienced in providing quality advisory services to our clients. We are committed to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs when it comes to investment. We provide affordable and secured land in fast developing areas making them accessible to our clients. We also build houses from low cost to high brows that clients can invest in. Our advisory services has proven to be excellent with positive feedback from all clients. We not only sell land but also help to handle each project for our client as unique from start to finish, ensuring that they value their investment and rate the decision they made as a good return of investment (ROI).


Our objectives Is to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in Real Estate and other selected businesses We participate in the search for and development of property to meet evolving client’s needs and the country’s growing demand for properties.


To make home ownership dream a reality


To discover affordable land in fast developing areas and make these known to you and also show how you can make money to buy land and build your own home.




Presently, we are offering a range of property options to individuals as well as corporate organisations desirous of maximising staff potentials by acquiring land for Staff Housing Purposes.

As regards acquiring land for Staff Housing Schemes, we have an efficient and workable existing formula that we are currently employing. With this plan, deductions are made from staff salary on a monthly basis as repayment to your company are they must have financed the purchase of the property (this of course is open for discussions). It is pertinent to add here that our company (PWAN Pro) has a very flexible payment plan.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.